Billy Bob Thornton And Eva Longoria Join Redneck Abuse Comedy Baytown Disco

Yeah, this sounds about right. Few actors are better at playing strange lowlifes than Billy Bob Thornton. The Bad Santa star and former foul-mouthed husband of Angelina Jolie has just boarded a new comedy about child abuse and redneck shenanigans. Called The Baytown Disco, it follows three hapless, white trash brothers who agree to help a hot chick get her son back from a father she claims has been abusing him. Apparently, going through the court system was too expensive or too time consuming.

In addition to Thornton, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has also formally committed to star in the movie. She strikes me capable of playing just the type of hot chick who would seduce incompetent morons into doing her bidding, but since there's been no definitive word on either her or Billy Bob's roles, the details of how she's involved are purely speculatory.

According to The Wrap, The Baytown Disco will begin principal photography on May 2nd in Louisiana. Serinda Swan, Thomas Sangster and Clayne Crawford will also star.

The only real question remaining is just how much of a comedy the Lleuju production might be. Abusive fathers might be right at home in a Jody Hill movie, but typically, bad dads can't really cross too many lines in the name of humor without turning off a good portion of the audience. We'll see how sick and depraved The Baytown Disco is willing to be.

Mack Rawden
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