So much attention is being paid this summer to the superhero tentpoles – from The Amazing Spider-Man to the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises -- that we’ve almost forgotten a movie I think can steal a major chunk of spotlight away once it drops in August. That’s The Bourne Legacy, which hands the franchise over to Jeremy Renner, but does so in a clever way that doesn’t ignore Matt Damon’s role in the Bourne universe and, instead, lays the groundwork for a potential Renner-Damon team up. Awesome. A new international poster for Legacy just hit the Web. We have it below (via IMP Awards).

The poster doesn’t reveal much, just Renner dashing from (or toward) some unknown threat. I really like the Chinese characters in the signature text bars across the design on this poster. It helps it stand out. It would make a cool collectible for your wall. Something unique and different, if you happen to be a Bourne fanatic.

You’ll also like where this franchise is heading. Instead of rewinding back to square one, writer-director Tony Gilroy (who has been involved with the Bourne franchise in the past) has chosen to view the existing films through a different prism. Renner plays Aaron Cross, a separate agent trained in the exclusive spy program who must go on the run when the agency decides to pull the plug following Jason Bourne’s action in The Bourne Ultimatum. And if you managed to see the trailer, you’ll feel confident that Gilroy can handle large-scale action that the Bourne fans have come to expect from the series.

Universal pushed the film’s release date back one week to Aug. 10, perhaps to distance itself from The Dark Knight Rises. Good choice. Bourne fans will flock to it, whenever it opens. Are you excited?

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