Some fans of the Bourne Identity trilogy immediately decried the next installment that will not include the series' star Matt Damon as its titular hero. But the latest trailer for The Bourne Legacy speaks right to their concerns, scolding, "You think that Jason Bourne was the whole story?...There's a lot more going on here."

The remarkable Jeremy Renner takes up the Treadstone tale as CIA operative Aaron Cross, who like Bourne is a specially trained assassin on the run from the very men who made him. Rachel Weisz co-stars as a scientist whose life is also at risk once Treadstone decides to close its doors and burn all evidence of its existence, including staff.

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Now I totally understand why fans of the original trilogy feel bound to Damon's Bourne; his deft blending of pathos with a frightening physical dexterity made him a compelling hero unlike any we'd ever seen before. Of course Bourne is a character we love, cling to, and cheer for. However, after the kerfuffle between Greengrass and Universal, the future of Greengrass—and by extension his loyal leading man—within the Bourne franchise is uncertain to say the least. But the Bourne trilogy set up such an intriguing world of espionage, duplicity and gritty but jaw-dropping action sequences that—even without Damon and Greengrass—I want to see more.

And one thing this trailer definitely displays is Bourne Legacy's efforts at world-building. Rather than the insular story of Bourne on the run, you have Aaron Cross looking for answers, mixing it up with Treadstone's rank and file, as well as a widespread plan of assassination eradication. The stakes have been raised, and Bourne's Legacy will be tested. How it pays off will be revealed on August 3rd.

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