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Brandon T. Jackson is barely at the beginning of his acting career, but he's already been part of two fairly gigantic movies-- Tropic Thunder, in which he was the actual black guy Alpa Chino, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, in which (from what I hear) he played the token black friend. But apparently neither of these hits were enough to keep him away from Martin Lawrence's grasp. Variety reports that Jackson has joined the cast of Big Momma's House 3. Yes, that movie is still happening. Aren't you just thrilled?

This time Big Momma (Lawrence, of course) and his nephew Trent (Jackson, presumably) must go undercover at an all-girls school after Trent witnesses a murder. But, of course, the murderers are hot on their tail. Doing the directing duties will be John Whitesell, who also directed the second film as well as Deck The Halls. Whereas Big Momma's House 2 was more like a Mrs. Doubtfire knockoff, the third film seems to be going after Sister Act-- all that's missing now is Maggie Smith as the imperious principal of the girl's school. Don't think they won't try either.

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