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At the rate we’re going, if they release any more clips from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1, we might actually be able to fit all of the footage together to recreate most of the movie. I doubt fans of the series would complain. We have three new Breaking Dawn clips for you to check out, two of which take place after the honeymoon...

?Breaking Dawn follows Edward and Bella as they tie the knot and set off on their honeymoon. Romance and danger ensues, as so often is the case when a vampire and a human pair up. In the clip below, which was originally posted by Yahoo, we hear Edward and Bella making their vows as we see Bella making her way down the aisle toward her groom...

?And in this one, Jacob is sitting down with the Cullens to warn them about the pack.

Everyone looks hungry. Apparently they aren’t the only ones. In this one, Esme and Carlisle say Bella needs more blood...

Jacob seems surprised that the Cullens would go out of their way to help Bella.

As it’s now official November, we can say that Breaking Dawn hits theaters later this month! The film releases on November 18th, which is just a few weeks away. More information, photos and videos from the film can be found here.

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