Brittany Snow Says Prom Night 2 Not Happening

Back in April, after the horror remake Prom Night was a surprise #1 hit, its star Brittany Snow said she was open to the idea of making another one—particularly since she’s the only one who lives through the original. But now, doing interviews for her upcoming indie film Finding Amanda, Snow is changing her tune.

Asked about whether a Prom Night 2 would be in the works, Snow laughs it off with an anecdote from her time on the set. “It was a running joke, [that we would do] Prom Night 2: Dance of the Dead. [Director] Nelson McCormick wasn’t big on the idea, but I think we can make it happen.” You know how you and your friends sit around talking about how you’ll make your own sequel to Robocop and put it up on YouTube? Or how Mos Def and Jack Black made their own versions of movies in Be Kind Rewind? Yeah, that’s about how serious this sounds.

Now, she could just be covering up for a movie that’s in development and she can’t talk about yet. But with a pretty definitive head shake, Snow seems to have written off the idea of revisiting the worst prom ever. And really, why would she? Prom Night made a reasonable but not huge amount of money, and she’s scoring a lot of roles in indies like Finding Amanda that help her move away from a Teen Queen status. Leave well enough alone with Prom Night-- surely there will be another generic horror movie to take its place any day now.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend