Yes, Ben Affleck has cast himself in the lead role of his next directorial effort, the spy thriller Argo, but he's picked a pretty massive cast to back him up. Joining a cast that already includes John Goodman and Alan Arkin, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston is in negotiations to join the film, according to THR. The movie depicts what happened when the CIA and Hollywood collaborated to help free six hostages trapped in Iran during the 1979 revolution, and though Cranston plays an outlaw on Breaking Bad, he's working on the side of the suits this time, playing CIA agent Jack O'Donnell.

Unbelievably enough the movie is based on a true story, one that was nicely encapsulated in Joshua Bearman's fantastic Wired article, which I encourage you all to read right now. It's full of all kinds of larger than life characters, from the producer (to be played by Arkin) who helped create the fictional movie production to Jack Kirby, the comic book legend who cooked up concept art for the movie, titled Argo, that was just a front to help the hostages escape. Though it sounds like it has the makings of a caper, I'm hoping that producers Grant Heslov and George Clooney learned their lesson on The Men Who Stared At Goats, another movie based on a somewhat goofy, very real government operation that didn't turn out that great.

Production on Argo is set to start this summer, and there are still plenty of roles left to fill-- seriously, check out the Wired article to see the remarkable amount of people it took to rescue the six people from Iran, just as Ronald Reagan was taking office. If the cast keeps assembling at this rate, we can likely expect a fall Oscar season release for Argo-- given how close The Town came to a Best Picture nomination, it's not unreasonable to have awards hope for this one too.

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