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Cameron Crowe To Write And Direct Adaptation Of David Sheff's Beautiful Boy

An adaptation of David Sheff’s best selling book “Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction" has been in development for the last four years, but now it looks like it's moving forward - and with a brilliant director at the helm. Cameron Crowe, who most recently made the heartwarming drama We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon, is looking to direct a feature version of Sheff's story.

The Wrap reports that just like all of Crowe's other films, the filmmaker will write the script himself. What makes this project interesting, however, is that it will blend both Sheff's book with “Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines,” the memoir written by Nic Sheff, David's son.

The film was originally set up over at Paramount, as the studio purchased the rights to the book back in 2008. Steven Zailian - who won an Academy Award for his Schindler's List screenplay and was nominated for Moneyball, Gangs of New York and Awakenings - was going to script the adaptation, but now the project is over at Plan B, which is co-producing with New Regency.

Crowe has been quite busy as of late. He is currently working on an untitled romantic comedy that's set up over at Sony and The Wrap has also learned that he will be working on an adaptation of Michael Chabon’s “Telegraph Avenue” for HBO (though the story doesn't say if he will just be dealing with the script or directing as well). The romantic comedy is still in pre-production, but has already attached Emma Stone to star.

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