Captain America's Sebastian Stan And The Resurrection Of The Winter Soldier

Much like Uncle Ben in "Spider-Man" comics and Thomas and Martha Wayne in issues of "Batman," James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes spent many, many years as a doomed character in superhero mythos. He was first introduced as a sidekick for Captain America and the two fought side by side during all of World War II, but the same incident that left Cap frozen in ice in the comics also resulted in Bucky’s death. It wasn’t until 2005 that writer Ed Brubaker resurrected the fallen warrior as a brainwashed assassin working for the Soviets, and it’s because of Brubaker’s work that actor Sebastian Stan got the incredible chance to play the titular villain in Captain America: The Winter Soldier - a role that I recently had the chance to talk all about with the performer.

The Winter Soldier is one of the most interesting characters both in the Captain America sequel and in the grand spectrum of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and given the chance to talk with Stan I tried to touch on as many subjects as possible, from how the actor first learned from the Marvel brass that Bucky would be coming back (a decision that honestly surprised him) to what it was link seeing through the eyes of a brainwashed mind (not to mention the effect that the costume had on people around him). It’s an info-packed interview, so be sure to hit the play button above!

As a quick bonus, let’s take a quick look at Sebastian Stan’s past and present as Bucky Barnes, shall we?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters on April 4th, and you can watch more of my interviews with the cast and filmmakers here.

Eric Eisenberg
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