When it comes to superpowers on the big screen, Marvel Studios has been very respectful to the comic book universe. Iron Man's armor can fly, shoot lasers and withstand a ton of damage; Hulk is the strongest being on Earth and is triggered by anger and stress; Thor has the strength of a god and can use Mjolnir to both conjure/fire lightning and take flight; and Captain America is the perfect human specimen and can throw a vibranium shield unlike anybody else. So why anyone would think we get any less from the representation of Falcon's abilities in the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier is just plain wrong.

AICN recently had a sitdown with Gangster Squad star Anthony Mackie for a Q&A session in Chicago and when the subject of the new comic book movie came up - in which he's playing the aforementioned Falcoln - the actor confirmed that the character in the comics is what we'll see in cinemas. "I will have wings. I will be able to fly. I will be a superhero and fight people, namely The Winter Soldier," Mackie said, his last line referring to the film's central villain, who will be played by Sebastian Stan. And while that gives us an idea of what he looks like and what he will be able to do, there was one detail he wouldn't spill: whether or not he has a pet falcon named Redwing. "This is the first job I got asked to do first, and you’re trying to get me fired first. I have no idea what you’re talking about," he said, laughing.

Mackie went on to say that he actually wasn't big on comic books growing up (a rather refreshing admission), but that he has been doing his research for the character with the help of his older brother - "a huge comic book buff" - and a lot of his friends from when he was a kid - "who weren’t cool growing up, but who are really cool now, so they read a lot of comic books."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, will be in theaters April 4, 2014 in 3D and starts production this spring. For more about the movie, head over to our Blend Film Database.

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