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Carrie Fisher's Best Star Wars Fan Interaction Story Is Grosser Than We Expected

We’re sure that Carrie Fisher has heard all sorts of things from fans, about how much they love her character of Princess Leia. We’re sure there are thousands of stories about people telling the actress how much she inspired them. However, none of them are what she considers her "best" fan interaction. That spot is dedicated to the guy that Princess Leia apparently helped through puberty.

The Hollywood Reporter recently released a video where they asked Carrie Fisher what her best Star Wars related fan encounter was. Fisher apparently has a different definition of "best" then we would likely use. This one actually comes across a little creepy. We can’t argue that it’s memorable, however. We likely won’t forget it anytime soon, though we’ll certainly be trying.

Somebody saying to me, ‘I thought about you every day from when I was 12 to when I was 22.’ And I said, ‘Every day?’ And he said, ‘Well, four times a day.’ So.... that was good.

We have to say that one of the unexpected benefits of the return of the Star Wars franchise has been the return of Carrie Fisher to the limelight. She has a gloriously twisted sense of humor that has us laughing every time. Over the course of her career, she has apparently used up all the fucks she had to give, and so she pretty much says whatever she likes. We love it. This may not be truly her best fan interaction, but it’s one that has us cracking up in spite of ourselves. Fisher’s completely dry delivery is what sells it. She says the line above while sounding like she’s reading her grocery list.

We’re not quite sure what would possess somebody to relay this sort of information. We completely understand that finally meeting a celebrity a lot to you, can be a really big deal, but was there literally nothing else for this guy to say to Carrie Fisher, considering he apparently spent a decade thinking about her? Check out the video below.

For the record, if we ever met Carrie Fisher, we would just ask her about her dog, because he’s cute and we know the actress loves to talk about him. Or we would ask her about the most extreme lies that ever went around about Star Wars because no franchise has feature so much hilariously false information. In fact, there was once rumors of a wild nude scene. You can flip over to the next page for that story...

Natalie Portman Will Get Naked For The Phantom Menace

Back in 1998, scores of Star Wars fans became convinced young actress Natalie Portman would take off her clothes for at least one scene in The Phantom Menace. Why exactly they thought this is unclear. Star Wars had always rolled as pretty family friendly entertainment, and even if Lucas and company decided to take a detour to R-Rated town for the prequels, Portman wasn’t even eighteen-years-old when she shot her scenes. Still, the rumor persisted and spun out of control on the Internet.

Obviously, the eventual release of the film in 1999 proved the theory false, but it was officially debunked prior to that in a Parade Magazine article that has since been republished on Beautiful as Portman is, taking her clothes off at the time would have been all kinds of weird and creepy, and a boob shot would have been super out of place amidst the larger tone of the movie/ franchise. If she were to strip down for the right movie now, I’m not sure anyone in the world would complain, but for that time and place, it would have been wrong on a lot of levels.

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