Hey, remember when Kristen Stewart cheated on Rob Pattinson with her Snow White And The Huntsman director and she found herself the subject of at least one crazy rumor every few days for about six months? Well, Star Wars has been dealing with that same level of outlandish since A New Hope was released all the way back in 1977. From the constant, more than decade-long drum of unsubstantiated new film noise to outlandish chatter about Stewart and Pattinson themselves joining the universe, the conversation hasn't stopped for more than thirty-five years, and it sure as Greedo isn't going to stop now.

Earlier this week, Jennifer Lawrence was asked while doing promotion for The Hunger Games about Internet chatter that she would make a good young Han Solo. She was very amused by the whole thing, of course, but in the world of Star Wars, the notion is nothing more than a strange and funny blip on the radar. Over the years, whispers have gotten a whole lot louder about supposed scoops that later proved inaccurate and a whole lot weirder with whispers that had no factual basis whatsoever.

So, without further ado, here is a roundup of some of the crazier Star Wars related rumors of all-time.

Natalie Portman Will Get Naked For The Phantom Menace

Back in 1998, scores of Star Wars fans became convinced young actress Natalie Portman would take off her clothes for at least one scene in The Phantom Menace. Why exactly they thought this is unclear. Star Wars had always rolled as pretty family friendly entertainment, and even if Lucas and company decided to take a detour to R-Rated town for the prequels, Portman wasn't even eighteen-years-old when she shot her scenes. Still, the rumor persisted and spun out of control on the Internet.

Obviously, the eventual release of the film in 1999 proved the theory false, but it was officially debunked prior to that in a Parade Magazine article that has since been republished on TheForce.net. Beautiful as Portman is, taking her clothes off at the time would have been all kinds of weird and creepy, and a boob shot would have been super out of place amidst the larger tone of the movie/ franchise. If she were to strip down for the right movie now, I'm not sure anyone in the world would complain, but for that time and place, it would have been wrong on a lot of levels.

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