Casey Affleck To Play Gabriel In Paradise Lost; Camilla Belle Wanted To Play Eve

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As epic and expensive as an adaptation of John Milton's Paradise Lost would be, one thing that I've always been curious about is how the project would handle nudity. Those that have read Genesis know that Adam and Eve were completely naked all the time before they ate from the Tree of Knowledge and discovered the concept known as shame, but that level of exposed skin would guarantee an R rating (which I doubt any studio would be okay with). The question is more poignant than ever, as Alex Proyas is close to staring production on his version of the epic poem and Deadline has revealed which actress is being looked at to play the first woman.

According to the site, Camilla Belle, best known for her role in films such as Roland Emmerich's 10,000 BC and Simon West's remake of When A Stranger Calls, is Legendary Entertainment's top choice to play Eve in Paradise Lost. The article doesn't specify what stage negotiations are in - she could either be in talks already or simply the top name on a short list. In the Garden of Eden half of the story, Satan (set to be played by Bradley Cooper) disguises himself as a snake to convince Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. It's unknown who will play Adam at this stage.

In other Paradise Lost casting news, THR has learned that Casey Affleck has signed on to play archangel Gabriel in the biblical action film. In the original text, Gabriel is an angel with six wings who best known as the messenger for humans and God. In the story he teams up with Seraphic Angel Michael (Benjamin Walker) to fight against Satan. The cast also includes Djimon Hounsou, who will play the Angel of Death, Abdiel, in the project.

Described as "300 meets Lord of the Rings," Paradise Lost is scheduled to begin production in early 2012.

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