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News of Philip Seymour Hoffman's tragic death has already begun to circulate. As details surrounding the circumstances emerge, Hollywood has already begun to react on Twitter as actors and other people who were fortunate enough to get to work with Hoffman, or were simply fans of his work express their shock and grief over the actor's unfortunate death.

For more details on the reported circumstances surrounding Hoffman's death, click here.

Joel McHale, Rainn Wilson, Steve Martin and Aaron Paul were among some of the actors who Tweeted this afternoon, among others...

Anthony Bourdain quoted Velvet Underground's "Heroin"...

Martha Plimpton expressed sympathy and also tweeted about his talent and about addiction:

"So fucking sad" pretty much sums it up, but Wil Wheaton's reaction is also pretty succinct...

Author Isaac Marion spoke about the evolution of Hoffman's career...

We'll continue to add more as they come in. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Hoffman's friends and family in their time of loss.

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