Channing Tatum Stares Down The 'Mexican Wolverine' In 22 Jump Street Clip

Apparently Jenko is terrible at accents.

The hook of the 21 Jump Street reboot was that Channing Tantum’s physically gifted Jenko was, on the surface, better equipped for police work. But in various circumstances, the skills his pudgy partner Schmidt (Jonah Hill) brought to the table better served the mission. From the above 22 Jump Street clip, shared via MTV, it seems the upcoming sequel will continue to play around with this mismatch, finding ways to exploit the unusual partnership for big-time laughs.

Plus, that dude really looks like Wolverine. When Hugh Jackman’s finally ready to hang up his claws (not happening any time soon), Fox needs to lob this guy a call:

Mexican Wolverine

The clip airs on MTV’s site ahead of the network’s MTV Movie Awards, which will be televised on Sunday night. Expect Hill and Tatum to be on stage, as the latter has been tapped to receive the MTV Trailblazer Award.

The rest of the clip has that blend of pop-culture humor we now expect from co-directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who helmed the first Jump Street, as well as this year’s smash-hit sensation, The LEGO Movie. Dora the Explorer jokes? Perfect tone.

Lord and Miller’s 22 Jump Street moves the action from high school to college. Tatum and Hill once again have to go undercover posing as students – the backbone of the television program on which this growing franchise is built – but this time, there are a lot more jokes about the fact that this is a sequel to a surprisingly successful comedy. At least, that’s what Eric learned when he visited the set of the movie not that long ago.

22 Jump Street will be in theaters on June 13. Along with Neighbors, it will be our best bet for raunchy, no-holds-barred laughs aimed at adults. I mean, watch the red-band trailer for 22 Jump Street below. It features Tatum and Hill holding their dicks and firing guns in the air. It isn’t Magic Mike. But for your Tatum fix, it will have to do.

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