New Character Poster And Clip Of Nic Cage In Kick-Ass

The amount of shit that Nicolas Cage is able to pump out when he is wearing a wig is nothing short of incredible. It is almost as though the synthetic fibers burrow into his brain and make him into a bad actor (yes, I know. Simpsons did it). When he performs sans wig, though, in films like Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Matchstick Men, and Leaving Las Vegas, the man shows us what he is actually capable of. That said, it is nice to see the ol' widow's peak in this new stuff from Kick-Ass.

UGO has released the new character poster for Cage's Kick-Ass character Big Daddy, as well as a clip from the film. In the movie, Cage and his daughter (played by Chloe Moretz) are a crime fighting duo that end up assisting Kick-Ass after helping him escape certain death. Those that attended Comic-Con or viewed bootleg videos online will recognize the clip, but at least now it has been posted in good quality and it won't be taken down. As for the poster, I do get the sense that he could seriously kick my ass.

Check out the clip and a small version of the poster below (sorry about the watermark) or head over to UGO to check it out in its 2000 x 2963 glory.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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