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Good news: If you have been waiting on the December release of Fright Night, you only have 5 more days to go. If you didn’t see Fright Night, but you did head to theaters to see Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1, you should totally get your ass on board for this vampire story. Why? Vampires are cool regardless of form, especially if you get to watch a badass actor (Colin Farrell) play one and another pretty cool actor (Anton Yelchin) fight off said vampire. If you saw neither Twilight nor Fright Night I assume you’re either hopeless, like to think you are a “high” filmgoer, or are scared of vampires, in which case what are you doing here?

To celebrate the December 13 DVD and Blu-Ray release of Fright Night, Cinema Blend has received some clips from the film to share with you. If you came to this page hoping for disc specs and not some random clips, that’s alright, too. Hop on over to my earlier article to find out what DVD and Blu-Ray copies of Fright Night have in store for you. Or, just check out the clips, below.