I have some awesome news, everybody! Asgard is real. It’s filled with giant golden pillars, battle arenas, armored soldiers, and even an epic, intricate prison system. I know this because I traveled there last year.

Okay, so I didn’t hop on the Bifrost and get teleported away from Midgard, but I did fly out to Longcross Studios and Shepperton Studios in England last October to visit the set of Thor: The Dark World. Along with a small group of other film journalists I had the chance to watch scenes being filmed, talk with the stars and filmmakers, visit the various art departments and fully dive into the Nine Realms. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Unfortunately I can’t tell you about all of the things I saw on the set of the Thor sequel just yet, but with the premiere of a brand new trailer for the movie set to come out tomorrow we’ve been given permission to share the interview that we did with the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth. Read on for the full scoop about The Dark World, including the status of the relationship between Thor and Loki, the Game of Thrones influence that director Alan Taylor brings, venturing into the other realms, and much, much more.

Where is Thor at the point where the movie starts?

Where is he? I mean Avengers is kind of a side step in amongst everything, for all the journeys. Iron Man and Thor… this is certainly a continuation of it, but at the same time Thor’s journey, I think, picks more so up from where we left the first one: about to take on the throne, about to earn him the right to the king. And now coming to the realization of what that responsibility comes with. And also, Alan [Taylor] keeps talking about the dark side of that responsibility and the secrets within being king, or becoming sort of very political about what people need to know and what they want to know. And obviously Tom [Hiddleston]’s on set, so it’s sort of this continuing, which is great, to have some meatier stuff with Tom. Certainly in The Avengers, the stuff I got to sink my teeth into were those scenes, and follow up our relationship. And the on-going sort of question from Thor about what is it that Loki wants, and how did we come to this? I think we get to kind of possibly attack some of those questions properly.

Are we going to see as much comedy on this as the Avengers, or has it got more of a serious edge?

Well no, because Downey’s not here [laughs]. He takes care of that for us. I think that Jane and… or Natalie [Portman], and Kat Dennings certainly have some great humor. There’s a few nice kind of fish-out-of-water moments with Thor, but not quite as naïve and obvious as the first one. I think the earth bound stuff really grounds the story in both films and keeps a lightness to it that trickles to Asgard as well.

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