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Cinderella Is Stepping On To Blu-ray For The First Time In October

This year has been a good year for fans wanting to switch their Disney collection over to Blu-ray. Earlier in 2012, Walt Disney Home Entertainment determined they would be bringing over 30 catalog titles to Blu-ray. The newest release announced is Cinderella, which will be given the Diamond Edition Blu-ray treatment on October 2.

The cutest thing about the upcoming Blu-ray release is the actual time it will be made available. The set hits the market “at the stroke of midnight” on October 2. That may be the cutest, but also the easiest marketing stunt the company has ever accomplished. Additionally, Disney has been keeping the company’s Cinderella legend alive by enlisting famed fashion designer Christian Louboutin to create a shoe modeled after Cinderella slippers. Plus, the company is giving away a pair of the special shoes, along with a date in Disneyland and a makeover to correspond with the release. High-end fashion and a Disney makeover? I haven’t even seen the full list of bonus features and I’m already stoked for the release.

I have, however, encountered the cover art, and it has a pretty creepy photo of Cinderella on the cover, obsessing over the glass beauties. It kind of makes the character look likes she’s switched from a hardworking female to a materialistic cow in the span of thirty seconds, but hey, I don’t blame the girl for dreaming big.

Special features are currently in the works, but a digital second screen storybook and a featurette on the woman who was the inspiration for the Fairy Godmather will be included with the Blu-ray. If the rest of the set is anything near as nice as Bambi’s Diamond Edition, I expect good things.