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There have been many kinds of vampires here at the San Diego Comic Con this year. First there were wimpy emo vampires at the Twilight panel yesterday and then just a few hours ago we got our first look at Kate Bekinsale’s sexy Selina in Underworld: Awakening. Now it’s time to bring vampires back to their horror roots with Fright Night.

Many of the film’s stars and filmmakers are scheduled to appear on stage so be sure to keep refreshing this page for all of the action from Hall H!

2:51: Time for some badass bloodthirsty vampires.

2:53: Craig Gillespie is on stage to introduce his cast and crew: writer Marti Noxon, Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and very special guest moderator Chris Sarandon!!!

2:57: First question to Craig: why did you want to direct Fright Night? Craig says he wasn't fully familiar with the plot when he was first given the script, but he loved the horror and comedy elements and was on-board right away.

2:58: Marti Noxon on taking on vampires again: hasn't done anything with the creatures with Buffy because that's hard to top. Interesting relationships that could evolve. The world of comic con exists in the movie. Interested in the Evil Ed and Charley dynamic. Now it's time for the first clip!

3:01: Scene features Evil Ed trying to convince Charley that his new next door neighbor is a vampire. Plenty of awesome Twilight barbs that this crowd just ate up.

3:04: Time for another clip where Jerry comes over to borrow a six pack of beer. Incredibly threatening and creepy.

3:05: Colin Farrell blames Chris Sarandon for his hesitance to accept the role in the remake. Then he read the script and it really engaged him. Also, there was plenty that tied back to the original while also creating plenty new material.

3:07: Chris Sarandon confirms that he did have the good fortune to spend some time on the set. Now yet another clip!

3:16: Long scene this time around! While I will give more details later, but it involves Colin Farrell burning down Charley's house and chasing after him, his mom and Amy. Sarandon says that he is in that scene, but we haven't seen him just yet.

3:20: Next clip featured David Tennant, which this crowd absolutely loves. Now a video message from David Tennant!

3:22: David Tennant send an invite to the Fright Night fan appreciation party! Just text "JERRY" to 78247!

3:23: Colin Farrell says that Miami Vice was a six month blackout for him. Everyone laughs. Says picking up the fangs was easier than salsa dancing and picking up mojitos.

3:25: Anton says he likes playing characters with rich histories, like Chekov, Kyle Reese and, now, Charley Brewster.

3:25: Chris Mintz-Plasse says there's no news about Kick Ass 2. Sad face.

3:29: Craig says he watched the original again right before filming.

3:30: Colin says he's enjoyed the recent years of his career more than the early years. Says he lost sight of why he started acting to begin with. Last six years he's reconnected with the 17 year old version of himself.

3:33: Marty Noxon teases that the background of Colin could possibly fleshed out in a sequel if we go to see this one.

3:35: Filming the 3D around the car during the chase scene showed earlier was a challenge because of the size of the huge camera. Apparently the car had a lot of sliding sliding, moving parts.

3:37: Colin asked what superhero he would want to be. He says he thought that was kind of going to be Alexander, but that didn't work out too well.

3:40: Random girl in the audience calls out to Colin asking for his name tag. He gets up, brings it over to her and signs it. Awesome guy.

3:41: That's it for this one. Stay tuned for the next!
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