Not everyone dresses up at Comic-Con, but it’s definitely not just a few weirdos either. Inside the convention center or anywhere within a five hundred yard radius, you can’t turn around twice without seeing a handful of people representing their favorite superhero/ cartoon character/ science fiction legend/ throwback hero. It’s a pretty cool scene, and it’s enough to make the event feel like something different, like a cool throwback weekend of good vibes and happiness.

Only it’s one filled with cell phones. Lots of cell phones…

Apart from the transformative feeling they give off, perhaps the best thing about the costumes is how happy everyone seems to be in them. Despite it being a colossal timesuck, damn near everyone in a costume will gladly stop and pose for a picture if you just ask them. More often than not, they’ll get really into it too, sometimes even assembling their friends who are dressed up in like fashion. It’s really something special.

To check out a complete photo gallery of some of our favorite costumes we’ve seen so far, go ahead and click on the thumbnails below…

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