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The first full, trailer for Henry Sellick’s new stop-motion movie Coraline has arrived. It’s not what I expected. The story seems nice enough, but for a movie done by the supposed master of stop-motion animation, the stop-motion looks more, well, stop than motion. Call me crazy, but it just doesn’t seem that well done. The characters look like floppy dolls moving out of control. They behave, not like people, but like creatures made out of clay. There’s a scene right at the beginning where there’s a bunch of bugs on a wall and Coraline freaks out and tries to smash them. She smashes them not with a rolled up newspaper or a shoe, but just starts slapping them with her hand, like she’s some sort of bendy toy being slammed against the wall by some unseen force. Of course that’s exactly what’s happening but it’s not really supposed to look like that, is it?

I hope I’m wrong, I’ve really been looking forward to this movie. Maybe the animation will work better in context. Watch the brand new trailer for Coraline in high-res over at Yahoo, or watch it below along with two new behind the scenes production videos below: