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The teaser trailer for Cowboys & Aliens has finally gone online at Yahoo! Movies, and you can watch it there in HD or below on this very page. Get your first look at the sci-fi/Western hybrid that stars Daniel Craig as a man whose encounters with alien creatures make a him a hell of a lot different from the chaps-wearing cowboys we've known in the movies before. It's Jon Favreau's follow-up to Iron Man 2, it's written by Lost creator Damon Lindelof and Star Trek writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, and it also stars Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. Do you really need me to sell this one any further?

Take a look at the trailer below, and meet me after for some discussion, and some general celebration about seeing Harrison Ford in an awesome hat again.

Watch in high-res at Yahoo! Movies

While I'm usually skeptical about trailer that just seem to be setting a mood, this one strikes a perfect balance between giving us the feel of the film-- mysterious, gruff, a little worn-out and with plenty of secrets left to reveal-- and actually showing us some of the goods, including that great shot of Craig's strange wrist technology reacting to the alien spaceship that lands in his dusty Western town. Obviously they're keeping a lot under their hats about what the aliens are up to, and especially how Craig's character has come upon their technology and is wearing it on his wrist, but the trailer reveals a lot of great character detail I knew nothing about, including the fact that Olivia Wilde seems to know more about the aliens than anyone, and Harrison Ford is playing a federal marshal who starts off trying to imprison Craig (before, presumably, the two team up).

Best of all, Cowboys & Aliens looks original-- though it's based on a comic book, it looks like no other film franchise we've seen before, and hopefully contains a lot of the energetic spirit that Favreau brought to the first Iron Man three years ago. The movie hits theaters July 29 next year; to learn more click on the amazing action shot below, which sends you to our Blend Film Database, where we've added ten new high-res images from the film.

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