DC's Lobo Movie Just Shared An Important Image, And We Are Relieved

DC Comics already has a number of movies slated for release between now and 2020, but there are several others currently in development. One of those is Lobo, starring everyone’s favorite, foul-mouthed alien bounty hunter in the DC Universe. Back in March, it was reported that Pan writer Jason Fuchs was working on the script, and today he not only confirmed that he is indeed tackling Lobo, but his story will be using the original Lobo rather than the new version featured over the last several years.

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Fuchs (who also penned Wonder Woman) posted this image on Instagram of his Lobo reading material, along with the hashtag "portraitofabastich. This refers to the trade paperback Lobo: Portrait of a Bastich, which collects the four-issue Lobo series and Lobo’s Back miniseries that were co-written by the character’s creator, Keith Giffen. Introduced in 1983, Lobo has earned notoriety for being a humorous twist of the "gritty" superhero stories from the ‘80s and early ‘90s. While it seemed likelier than not that his original look would be used for a movie should come as a relief to fans who haven’t taken to the thin, "handsome" version introduced during the New 52. Plus, original Lobo’s humorous antics give Warner Bros a better chance of having the same kind of success that Fox had with Deadpool earlier this year, a.k.a. R-rated, superhero comedy shenanigans.

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For those not familiar with Lobo, he is a Czarnian, whose natural abilities include super strength, enhanced healing and immortality. Traveling across the galaxy to capture criminals or anyone else with a bounty on their heads, this biker badass loves cigars and getting into brawls with Superman and other powerful people, whether they’re heroes or villains. However, in the New 52’s Justice League #23.2, this new Lobo (seen above) jumped into action and claimed that the Lobo fans have known for years is actually an impostor. As of the DC Rebirth initiative, which just kicked off last week, the new Lobo, who is more dignified than his predecessor, is still the one being featured in the DC Universe. However, if this Lobo movie gets off the ground, don’t be surprised if they find a way to ice new Lobo in the comics and bring back the first version of the "Main Man" for readers to enjoy before his big screen debut.

Although a Lobo movie has been in development since 2009, Jason Fuchs’ involvement is the latest update we’ve gotten on it recently. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was originally set to portray him, but now that he’s playing Black Adam in Shazam, they’ll obviously have to find a new actor. We’ll keep you apprised on Lobo’s development as more news comes in.

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