What Lynda Carter Thinks Of The New Wonder Woman Movie

While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice may not have been the breakout hit people were expecting, one of the elements that has gotten praise from both fans and critics alike is Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, who made her big-screen debut in the film. She was a highlight of the movie, coming in to save the day with her warrior skills while showing that it’s important to regularly check your email. All eyes seem to be on Suicide Squad and Justice League right now but we can’t forget that a Wonder Woman movie is on its way. Lynda Carter sure hasn’t and she’s voiced her opinion about the Amazon’s first solo flick.

Though Gal Gadot gets credit for playing the first live action Wonder Woman on film, Lynda Carter is the original Wonder Woman, having played the character in the 1975 TV show (the one where she spun around a bunch for a costume change). As such, Carter has some authority when it comes to the character, and she was asked by ET Canada what she felt about the upcoming movie.

I think that they needed a woman director, and they needed the focus to be about the story of who she is. And I think they got that. So from what I understand, it’s going to be great. I can’t wait!

Patty Jenkins is directing Wonder Woman, and there aren’t any concrete details on the story yet aside from that we will see Diana leave Themyscira and fight in World War I alongside Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine). So, that’s at least one check on the "Lynda Carter Guide to Making a Good Wonder Woman." It’s nice to hear some optimism concerning a DC movie that isn’t Suicide Squad. We’ve only seen a small taste of footage for what Wonder Woman will look like, but it seemed promising enough. Combine its unique WWI setting with a healthy dose of greek mythology and you’ve got yourself one of the most interesting films on Warner’s release schedule.

Wonder Woman was well into production before the fallout from Dawn of Justice began. Warner Bros. now has Geoff Johns co-running DC Films, and Ben Affleck is an executive producer on Justice League. Suicide Squad experienced a few reshoots to add more action, but it’s unclear how these corporate changes will affect Wonder Woman, if at all. It was being made while Dawn of Justice was the template for the entire DC movie slate, so there will more than likely be a few reshoots in its future.

Wonder Woman will be the first female-led superhero movie and it's already making history. You (and Lynda Carter) can see it when it arrives in theaters next year on June 2, 2017.

Matt Wood

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