The Rock's Lobo Movie Has Fallen Apart

Dwayne Johnson is almost hilariously busy these days, with no fewer than four movies coming out in the first half of this year-- one a month from February through May! At that rate you can't blame him for having to let a few project fall by the wayside, but fans of the DC Comics character Lobo may be disappointed by one of the choices he's been forced to make. Watch Johnson talk about what's next-- and why Lobo isn't one of them-- in this video interview below.

That's an oddly passive way to talk about a role not coming to fruition, "it just went away." It's unclear if that means that the entire project is dead or if Johnson simply can't make it happen, since he would probably be an expensive top choice and the studio might be inclined to move on with a less famous, cheaper option. When we first learned about the project last spring it was poised to be a reunion between Johnson and his Journey 2 director Brad Peyton. With Johnson gone, could Peyton soon follow?

There have been plenty of shakeups in the world of DC Comics characters as it is, with the massive Justice League film undergoing revisions and everyone anxiously watching Man of Steel to see how this post-Dark Knight era of DC will work out. It makes sense that, amid all that uncertainty, Johnson would walk away from Lobo. And hey, given how shaky everything is, there's nothing stopping him from coming back around to it in a year or two.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend