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In a world where the president has massive orgies, and a madman has a missile pointed straight at Washington D.C., there’s only one hero the world can depend on: Machete. In the trailer above—tipped by The Playlist ---you not only get a taste of the gonzo action, insane fight scenes, and star power Machete Kills has in store, you also get a dose of 3D with graphics that explode outside the video frame! How have we not seen this before?

As a sequel to the 2010 Grindhouse-inspired thriller Machete, Machete Kills has its titular anti-hero (Danny Trejo) recruited by the president (Charlie Sheen) to take down a deranged arms dealer (Mel Gibson), who has an army of super soldiers played by the likes of Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudgens, Antionio Banderas, A Better Life’s Demian Bichir, Cuba Gooding Jr, and Sofia Vergara, a brothel owner with lingerie that can really bring a man to his knees. One of Machete’s few allies is Miss San Antonio (Amber Heard), his handler in this assignment from the U.S. government. But try not to be distracted by her beauty, it’s all a part of her cover as she explains in the following clip just before showing off her real assets, a deadly skill with weaponry.

Machete’s other ally is Shé, a one-eyed badass played by Michelle Rodriguez. Shé is no fan of Miss San Antonio and has no patience for the pussy-whipped, as you can see in this clip:

Lastly learn more about the “groovy” America in which Machete Kills is set with this campaign ad for President Rathcock, who is against illegal immigrants and gun control, but for space technology and the legalization of marijuana.

Also on board for Robert Rodriguez’s dedicatedly bonkers action-thriller are Spy Kids star Alexa Vega, Spy Kids 4’s Jessica Alba, and Walter Goggins. See them all in action when Machete Kills hits theaters on October 11th.

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