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The Dark Knight Rises Viral Is Back: Who Is This Mysterious Scientist?

When the viral campaign for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises launched earlier this year, it was impressively obscure. While the end result was our first look at Bane, the supervillain played by Tom Hardy in the movie, the challenge to reveal the picture involved fans decoding an ominous chant and revealing a hashtag that led to this Twitter page, which linked to this site. Because of this, we probably should have expected that the next step in the viral would be just as obtuse, and that assumption would have been dead on.

Both Empire and Wired have received classified CIA documents that appear to be a part of viral marketing for a film, though there's no real indication that it has do deal with The Dark Knight Rises. Instead both documents have to deal with a mysterious Dr. Leonid Pavel who has gone missing. Check out both documents below and click on them to see them full size over at their respective sources.

According to the comments section on Wired, the image is of Alon Aboutboul, who is indeed a member of the Dark Knight Rises cast. The question is what connection he has to the plot as a whole. The file says that he's an expert in nuclear fuel cycle technologies and reactor designs - but really that could connect him to either Bane or Batman. Do you see anything here that may make the mystery a little clearer? Leave your ideas in the comments section below.

Eric Eisenberg

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