Will Deadpool 2 Be Based On A Specific Comic? Here's What The Writers Said

There is a large number of comics out there featuring the adventures of Deadpool and Cable – be it the occasional issue of X-Force, the series they shared starting in 2004, or various miniseries. They’re all worth reading just for entertainment value, but don’t expect that Deadpool 2 will be a direct adaptation of any of these stories. Instead, the writers are looking to absorb what they have to offer, and produce their own spin on things.

Writers/producers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are now developing the script for the highly-anticipated Deadpool 2, and it was earlier this week in an interview that I asked them about their particular inspirations in the narrative. I asked them if we could expect the sequel to be based on any particular issue or storyline, and Wernick explained that their methodology in that arena will be similar to their approach to the first movie:

It’s how we went about the first one, you know? We dove into all of the runs, and then, you know, fell in love with the character and the tone and the texture. Then we set down the comics and came up with our own storyline, and I think we’ll do the same for the second one.

The script that Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick for Deadpool was heavily based on the origin story crafted by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuinness back during the character’s first on-going series. Elements from the movie like Ajax, Vanessa, Blind Al, Weasel, St. Margaret’s and more are taken from this run – though the story was modified. For example, Dr. Killebrew was actually the lead doctor in The Workshop where Wade Wilson was mutated (the character was in early versions of the script); Vanessa was a shapeshifting mutant named Copycat; and in the comics Ajax wound up hunting Deadpool down instead of the other way around. So it seems we should expect something along those lines for Deadpool 2.

Right now, the only thing we know about the plot of Deadpool 2 is that Cable is going to be involved, and that doesn’t really give us much to work with. Of course, because 20th Century Fox is excited for Deadpool’s franchise potential, it probably won’t be very long before we start hearing updates about its progress – including a release date. As we always are, we will be on top of every big story as it breaks – and be sure to stay tuned to the site for the rest of the week, as I have a lot more to share from my interview with Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick!

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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