Deadpool Has A Filthy Message For Fans Who Want To Buy His Movie Early

It’s been a little over two months since Deadpool hit theaters, but now you can finally own the movie for yourself. Although the movie won’t be released on Blu-ray and DVD until May 10, it was announced last Friday that it would would be available on Digital HD today. Well, now that we’ve arrived on April 26, Wade Wilson has a message for those of you who want to buy his first solo adventure a little earlier.

Deadpool Movie

Yes, Deadpool, we’re glad you came early, too! Oh wait, I see what you did there. Yes, in traditional Deadpool fashion, the Merc with the Mouth delivered a double entendre to celebrate his movie arriving two weeks before the Blu-ray and DVD copies hit the shelves. There was once a time when eight months to a full year might pass between when a movie was released in theaters to when it was available to watch in the comfort of one’s own home. Now the waiting period is usually only a few months, and in Deadpool’s case, it didn’t even last until early summer. No doubt that’s pleasing to Wade Wilson, though going off the above image, I fear in more ways than one.

If you decide to buy Deadpool over on iTunes, you’ll also notice that Wade has inserted himself into some other moves been featured at the top of the Movies page. We see his "shocked" expression plaster onto X-Men: Days of Future Past, which isn’t too surprising since they take place in the same universe. However, then we also see him in a vest holding a boom box for 1989’s Say Anything and holding his sliced-off arm for 2010’s 127 Hours. Lest you think these two latter movies were chosen at random, they were actually referenced during Deadpool, so while you’re buying that movie, Wade Wilson probably wants you to also get some of the entries on his own favorites list.

Since opening on February 12 in the United States, Deadpool has grossed over $760 million worldwide. That’s an substantial amount for a standard blockbuster, but when you take into account that its budget was only $58 million, it’s even more impressive. Combined with all the positive reviews it received, Deadpool can look forward to increasing that amount even further, either from folks didn’t see it in theaters but heard good things, or from the passionate fans who loved it so much that they want to watch it on a constant loop. Okay, maybe that latter one is an exaggeration, but still, this movie has proven it will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future

If you want your own digital copy of Deadpool, head over to iTunes, Amazon or elsewhere to buy it. For those of you who like having a physical copy, you’ll have to wait another few weeks to make your purchase.

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