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Bea Arthur sadly passed away back in 2009, but that fact has not stopped the love of her number one fan: Deadpool. The Merc With The Mouth's passion for the actress has been a running gag in comics for years, and while he has fallen hard for many others, one could argue that she is his true love. As such, it only makes sense that he would craft a tribute to her on the Golden Girls anniversary.

The first episode of The Golden Girls aired on this day back in 1985 - making this the 30th anniversary - and Deadpool celebrated this momentous occasion by posting this lovely bit of art craft on Twitter. Pretty as it is, however, the caption also gets away with a nice, fun, crass joke. But that joke isn't nearly as crass as the follow-up post from Deadpool movie star Ryan Reynolds:

As you can see, Bea Arthur gets a special spot in the bed as the only woman on Deadpool's left side - but apparently he didn't get the urge to kick Betty White or Rue McClanahan out of bed either. I'm also going to go ahead and assume that Estelle Getty just wanted no part of the crazy mercenary and his wild antics.

Deadpool's relationship with Bea Arthur dates back to writer Fabian Nicieza's work on the series "Deadpool & Cable." Some of the first panels in the first issue from 2004 notably feature DP's appreciation for Bea Arthur's beauty, as you can see below:

Bea Arthur Deadpool

As alluded to, however, this passion has come back many times in the comics - with the psychotic anti-hero even hallucinating the Golden Girls star's image:

Bea Arthur Deadpool

Let's also not forget that he (and the other members of the Deadpool Corps) named their ship The Bea Arthur:

Bea Arthur Deadpool

Given how passionate the filmmakers behind it are about the character, the Deadpool movie will surely feature some kind of reference to the titular character's love of Bea Arthur, and hopefully there will be a number of people in the audience who appreciate the moment. We'll find out when the feature hits theaters on February 12, 2016.

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