Dear Chris Pratt,

Congratulations! With the unbridled success (both critically and financially) of Guardians of the Galaxy you are officially a big fat movie star. We--your hordes of fans, both new and old--are positively thrilled for you. For various reasons, we think you deserve all this success, fandom and acclaim. Some of us have become recent converts, won over by Star-Lord's pelvic sorcery. Some have been cradling crushes thanks to the dopey goodness you packed into Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer. And some have been watching you since the way back days of Everwood.

Wherever our fandom first sprang from, the point is, we may not know you. But we like you and want good things for you. So for you we have compiled a short list of advice on how to best maneuver your new level of fame and Hollywood cachet, complete with examples for better and worse.

Channing Tatum Magic Mike
Make Your Own Movies
As an actor, you've been winning the notice of major directors and making some stellar choices, appearing in Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, Spike Jonze's Her, and Bennett Miller's Moneyball. But now's the time to start producing vehicles for yourself to better shape your career and its trajectory.

Example: Channing Tatum (Magic Mike)
He did the heartthrob thing in a pair of Step Up movies. Then he got critical attention with a few dramas, including Kimberly Peirce's Stop-Loss. By 2010, he was producing, as you well know as you co-starred in his 2011 pic 10 Years. Then 2012 became the year of Channing Tatum, in part because of the one-two punch that was 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, both hit movies he had a hand in producing. Both movies that helped make him a household name.

Between Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Jurassic World, you got the household name thing pretty well handled. But to establish staying power, you'll want the kind of brand shaping ability being an actor/producer carries.

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