Leo DiCaprio has signed up to star in a movie called Farragut North. Unfortunately it has absolutely nothing to do with Captain James T. Kirk’s adventures as a young ensign fighting a cloud monster on the bridge of his first starship, the Farrgut, under the direction of Captain Garrovick. Yes, that’s really the first thing I thought of when I saw the project’s title and yes I really am that big of a nerd. You should be ashamed for me.

Instead, this is a much less exciting movie which may be directed by George Clooney. He’s still thinking about it. Farragut North was originally written as a stage play by Beau Willimon, a guy who worked on the failed Presidential bid of Howard Dean. It’s about a communications director for an on the rise presidential candidate. The youngster, presumably played by DiCaprio, has his idealism shattered by the dirty tricks and backstabbing of his candidate’s rivals.

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