He's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and he can leap tall buildings in a single bound… but can he tackle the most powerful force of all, the moviegoer? Superman is back this weekend in Man of Steel, and with mixed reviews and tough competition like The Avengers and The Dark Knight to live up to, he's got a lot of work to do to take his place among the biggest superheroes on the big screen.

Even here at Cinema Blend, we're not totally sure how we feel about him. Eric gave a positive review, which Sean followed up with his massively disappointed rant about how the entire DC Universe might be doomed. Kristy's still not sure she's interested in Superman at all, but Katey made the case for the film's best character not being Zod or Superman, but Zod's terrifying sidekick Faora.

Whether or not you wind up liking the movie, we can at least tell you for sure that the 3D ticket isn't worth it. And if you're already eager to look toward the future, we've dug up 5 stories from the comics that could fuel Man of Steel 2. And finally, if you want to hear from the people behind the movie, Eric's interview with Michael Shannon reveals why he doesn't necessarily think Zod is that bad a guy, and his chat with David Goyer has the screenwriter talking about how making this project differed from making the Dark Knight trilogy.

But we've done a lot of talking… and now it's your turn! SPOILERS ARE WELCOME in the comments below, so vote in the poll to rate the movie, and then jump into the comments to discuss everything on Krypton, Earth, or the space in-between. We'll spend the weekend talking over the movie, and then we'll have the box office numbers for you throughout the weekend to see just how well the Man of Metropolis has done for himself.

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