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The title essentially says it all. Disney Movies Anywhere is a new, cloud-based digital movie service launched by The Walt Disney Studios that will allow subscribers to access Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies on the go using their favorite iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The launch of the all-new app, revealed today in a press release, coincides with the digital release of Disney’s smash hit Frozen, and will feature the studio’s enormous library of more than 400 active digital titles.

Sign up now, and -- for a limited time -- Disney Movies Anywhere users who activate and connect their Disney Movies Anywhere account to their iTunes account will receive a free digital copy of Disney•Pixar’s animated classic The Incredibles. To quote Edna Mode, "Wonderful, darling!"

Alan Bergman, President of The Walt Disney Studios, said of the new service:
"Disney Movies Anywhere offers an exceptional consumer experience built around some of the most beloved and popular entertainment brands in the world. This unique technology underscores Disney’s commitment to meeting our consumers where they are with the content they want, and we’re thrilled to debut with iTunes, the #1 digital media retailer in the world."

Back slapping! And a cloud service for Disney’s movies makes a lot of sense. Parents, especially, will relate to the sheer number of Disney films released from "The Vault" that can clog up a DVD shelf or home entertainment drawer in the home. I think I have 15 copies of Peter Pan and an equal number of Aristocats movies. Limiting them to a disc-free, cloud-based streaming system is ideal.

Jamie Voris, Chief Technology Officer at The Walt Disney Studios, added:
"The beauty of this technology is that it enables us to work with iTunes and future provider partners to ensure movie lovers have streamlined access to all of their favorite Disney titles no matter which device they are on. The intuitive layout of the website and app creates an easy and enjoyable browsing environment for the whole family."

Consumers, however, will be looking for those digital extras as incentive to sign up for this service, and Disney – forever the innovators in home-video entertainment – has that angle covered.

Since 2008, Disney has included codes in select DVD and Blu-ray products redeemable for digital copies of Disney, Pixar, and Marvel films. Users can now redeem these codes through Disney Movies Anywhere, and Digital Copy titles previously redeemed in Disney Movie Rewards or via iTunes will automatically be active in both Disney Movies Anywhere and iTunes once a user logs into Disney Movies Anywhere and connects their iTunes account. Additionally, for the first time, consumers can now earn Disney Movie Rewards points for their digital purchases through Disney Movies Anywhere going forward.

Disney Movies Anywhere, according to the release, will be the only place to see exclusive content, including these featurettes from Frozen and Thor: The Dark World.

What do you think? Will you sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere?

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