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Dissapointing Serenity Stills

I've got good news and bad news. Universal has just dropped a big stack of new images from the upcoming film Serenity in my inbox, and so I'm dropping them here for all of you. That's the good news. The bad news is that they look absolutely terrible. I don't know if the picture quality is just bad or if series creator Joss Whedon spent the film's budget on a new trampoline… but I'm not at all impressed. The worst is an image of the ship for which the film is named, the Serenity. The CGI looks horrible, about on par with the rendering seen in a cut scene from the videogame Dark Forces. And I'm talking the original Dark Forces, not Dark Forces II. For the non-video game geek among you, I've just compared the special effects in Serenity to a 90's era videogame. Let the hate mail commence.

But it's true… these shots are really disappointing. Hopefully, it's not at all representative of the actual film, because otherwise it's looked fairly promising. Though… there was that really terrible CGI shot I saw in one of the clips on the Sci-Fi channel the other night. In fact, now that I think of it… just about every close-up CGI shot I've seen from the film so far stinks. Perhaps they're not finished yet? You be the judge. The images are below, and the first one is the real stinker.