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There’s still no confirmation on whether, as rumored, UFC fighter Rampage Jackson has landed the role of Mr. T in Joe Carnahan's upcoming A-Team movie. But if he has, that only leaves one major A-Team member to be hired. Who’s playing Captain H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdoch? It could be none other than District 9’s human middle-manager turned hero Sharlto Copley.

The latest on Murdoch’s status comes from Blackfilm where they say Copley has been offered the part, though there’s no word whether or not he’s accepted yet. If he really has the role, it’s quite a departure from Wikus, the character Copley played in District 9. Wikus is, for the most part, a cowardly do nothing. Murdoch on the other hand, is clinically insane and therefore utterly unafraid of death.

Murdoch is also the A-Team’s comic relief, their wild card, their unpredictable mad man. Sharlto Copley is brilliant as Wikus, the part may even win him an Oscar nomination, but it’s hard to imagine him as Murdoch. Can the guy pull of an American accent? For that matter can he really act, or was District 9 just some sort of fluke? This could be an inspired bit of casting, if Copley can really pull it off.

The only actors confirmed to be involved so far are Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper, playing Hannibal and Faceman respectively. With big names already cast in those parts, it might make sense to bring in lesser knowns as Murdoch and B.A. With Neeson and Cooper to sell it they’ve got the celebrity angle covered. On the other hand most of the previous names rumored for the part of Murdoch were all bigger than big. Prior gossip involved the likes of Jim Carrey, Robert Downey Jr., and Woody Harrelson. Consider Sharlto another rumor until we get something official.