Dumb And Dumber Sequel Script Almost Finished

The Dumb and Dumber sequel refuses to die. The latest news comes to us from the Farrelly Brothers’ official Twitter feed, where the co-directors confirmed that the script is “almost done,” while continuing to use the title Dumb and Dumber To.

To what? No idea, but the title in the Tweet is slightly better than Dumb and Dumberer, which the Farrellys say their film has absolutely no connection to. (There’s that word again.)

“We had nothing to do with Dumb and Dumberer,” the Tweeting Farrelly said in reply to a fan. “This is following Jim C. and Jeff D.”

That’s great news, because it also contradicts old news we had claiming that Carrey was passing on the opportunity to return to the franchise for the further comedic adventures of Lloyd and Harry. At the time, Carrey cited a lack of enthusiasm on the studio’s part for a Dumber sequel. Jeff Daniels suggested not long ago that Carrey would still be willing to make it happen, and it seems he's given the Farrellys the same impression.

Really, no one wants to see a Dumb and Dumber sequel if it doesn’t star Carrey and Jeff Daniels. That would be certain death. Thankfully, if the Tweet can be believed, the Farrellys are writing for Carrey and Daniels, so we’ll hopefully see the duo back in action in the sequel.

But when might we see it? If they are still hammering out the sequel, the earliest that they can film it is 2013, meaning we might see the Dumber sequel in Spring or Summer of 2014. Stay tuned for details on this potential project as the Farrellys look to rebound from The Three Stooges. In the meantime, are you happy that the sequel seems to be moving along? And with Carrey and Daniels back in the lead roles? Let us know.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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