Dumb And Dumber Sequel Still Happening, Says Jeff Daniels

Alright, now we really don't know what to believe about a Dumb & Dumber sequel. The Farrelly Brothers have been hinting at it for years, and earlier this year it seemed to be actually happening, with Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey both saying they were on board, and the Farrellys promising a September shooting date.

Then the bottom fell out, with Carrey writing a funny but disappointing open letter that criticized Warner Bros. and New Line for not being enthusiastic enough about the project, and saying he had dropped out of th project. But now Daniels, who's busy charming the press at the Television Critics Assocation tour while promoting The Newsroom, has once again given us hope in a project that really seemed totally dead. Talking to Crave Online, Daniels said that Carrey does, in fact, still want to make the movie, and while the September start date is obviously not happening, there's still a lot of enthusiasm to make it happen eventually:

“Jim wants to do it. I want to do it. The Farrellys want to do it. They want to rewrite the script a little bit and they aren’t trying to jam it in before I have to go back and do ‘Newsroom’ in November. So they’re going, ‘Why don’t we just do it right? Let’s get everybody organized to go next May or June.’ If everything works out on the business side, that’s what we’ll do but I think there’s more hope than ever.”

From the sounds of that, Carrey wasn't frustrated with a lack of movement on the project, but movement that was too fast? According to Daniels they were also facing skepticism from the studio about the script, when the Farrellys and the stars were pretty happy with that they had:

I think Jim just got frustrated and I completely got it. I was frustrated too. We thought it was in pretty good shape. The studio and others wanted some more work done it. The Farrellys wanted more work done on it so they got working on it and I think last week they decided to push the shooting of it to next year, possibly because I wasn’t going to move ‘The Newsroom.’”

So, if you gave up on Dumb & Dumber 2 months ago-- or Dumb & Dumber To as they were calling it-- it's time to revive that hope after all. Are you glad to see that the movie still has life in it? Or did Carrey make the right call when he walked away?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend