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Early last month we announced that Pierre Morel, the director of Taken, had been hired to take the place of Peter Berg for Paramount's remake of Dune. In that same article, it was also said that the studio would be looking for a new writer to punch up the script written by Josh Zetumer to make it more in line with with Morel's vision. Take a quick swing as to what this article is about.

THR reports that Chase Palmer has been hired as said writer. Morel's current plans are to make a film version that more closely follows Frank Herbert's 1965 novel, rather than David Lynch's 1984 film, so it's expected that Palmer will work alongside the director. The film will be the writer's second feature film project, with a semi-bio pic/thriller about Alfred Hitchcock, titled Number 13, currently in the works.

While fans of Taken were riding pretty high on the news last month, From Paris With Love didn't exactly instill confidence, nor has it performed particularly well at the box office. With the exception of two short films that he also directed, Palmer doesn't exactly have a great amount of experience, so it will be interesting to see how he tackles such a huge project. With an army of fanboys to keep at bay, there are a lot of eyes on this one.

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