The Duplass brother’s films are never made with a huge budget or a lot of fanfare, but they do a great job of showing poignant moments in everyday life, as well as portraying weird familial relationships. The Do-Deca fPentathlon is no exception, and if you missed out on the weirdness and the laughs in the film’s festival release, The Do-Deca Pentathlon is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download, beginning today.

Like Jeff Who Lives at Home, The Do-Deca Pentathlon follows two grown brothers who have trouble seeing eye-to-eye. In The Do-Deca Pentathlon’s case, however, our two protagonists are brothers who have been estranged for a long while. After a family reunion brings Mark (Steve Zissis) and Jeremy (Mark Kelly) back together, the two embark on a ridiculous 25-event challenge involving sports like laser tag, ping pong, hitting baseballs at the batting cage, and even running a 5K. Things get heated in the ultimate battle to determine which brother is the true champion, and which is simply the sore loser.

Both the Cyrus and Jeff Who Lives at Home sets have come out with few bonus features and little fanfare, and The Do-Deca Pentathlon looks pretty similar. This time around, Twentieth Century Fox has put together a set with only two bonus featurettes, that both seem as if they will focus on Mark and Jeremy, which is fitting. You can check out the very short, but complete, list of bonus features, below.

The Do-Deca Pentathlon Extras
  • Meet the Real Brothers
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors with the Real Brothers

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