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The cross-border action thriller Protection has been through a revolving door of directors and stars in its life and development. First it was Simon West directing Paul Walker, then it was Patrick Alessandrin and Clive Owen on board. Now The Wrap reports that Alessandrin and Owen are out but Dwayne Johnson is in, with the director to be named later.

Johnson will star in a role that's pretty well-suited to his "cuddly tough guy" persona, a former Special Forces agent protecting a judge's 21-year-old daughter from Mexican drug gangs. Mexican drug gangs are quickly becoming the new Communists of American action movies, but I suppose so long as there are dozens and dozens of unexplained murders along the border, they make pretty good boogeymen. There's no word on when Protection will start filming or how quickly they'll find a director, but count on someone looking for some Taken-sized dollars to be interested.

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