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When it was announced that director Darren Aronofsky was coming to EIFF, there was only one project everyone was dying to ask him about: the Robocop remake. That the person who asked about it did so in the most idiotic fashion ever probably wasn't the sole reason for Aronofsky's reaction, however it did little to open up an otherwise interesting and candid interviewee.

We'll provide full coverage of Aronofsky's sit-down session soon, but thought it important to bring you answers to probably the two biggest questions on everyone's mind.

Questioner: When I heard they were remaking Robocop, I thought 'Why'. And then when I heard that you were attached to it, again I thought 'Why'. (Pause. Nervous laugher from audience) Can you maybe answer my question?
Aronofsky: I don't know what you're talking about. Robocop what was that, you mean the Paul Verhoeven movie?
Questioner: Yes there's talk around in the press at the moment that you are involved in the remake...
Aronofsky: You shouldn't listen to that press stuff.
Questioner: It's not true then?
Aronofsky: I don't know what you're talking about.

Questioner: I understand that you worked with Frank Miller on a Batman script and I wondered if you could tell us about trying to get a Batman film made before Chris Nolan...
Aronofsky: I never really wanted to make a Batman film, it was a kind of bait and switch strategy. I was working on Requiem for a Dream and I got a phone call that Warner Bros wanted to talk about Batman. At the time I had this idea for a film called The Fountain which I knew was gonna be this big movie and I was thinking, 'Is Warners really gonna give me $80 million to make a film about love and death after I come off a heroin movie?' So my theory was if I can write this Batman film and they could perceive me as a writer for it, then maybe they'd let me go ahead, which worked out great until... Brad Pitt quit.

Stay tuned for more from Aronofsky's interview soon.