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David Duchovny has spent the bulk of his career working in television, but 2013 should be a pretty big hear at the movies for him. While the projects he's doing aren't exactly huge blockbusters, he has the Larry Moss-directed dramedy Relative Insanity, with Helen Hunt and Maggie Grace as well as Anthony Fabian's drama After The Fall with Timothy Hutton and Hope Davis. But while neither of those titles has a specific release date yet, the submarine thriller Phantom will be arriving in theaters this March and today we have the film's first trailer.

The preview is posted over on Apple where you can see it in HD, or you can check it out in our player below.

Phantom stars Ed Harris as Demi, a Soviet submarine captain who is pushed away from retirement and time with his wife and family and forced to go on a top secret mission. Unfortunately Demi also happens to suffer from seizures that alter his perception of reality, and the mission becomes compromised when a rogue KGB group led by a man named Bruni (Duchovny) tries to wrestle control of the ship away from the aging captain. Only then does Demi realize that he was selected to lead the mission because the higher-ups were expecting him to fail. In order to stop a nuclear disaster that would start a war that would destroy the planet, he fights back against his captors. The movie was written and directed by Todd Robinson and will be in theaters courtesy of RCR Distribution on March 1, 2013.