Edge Of Tomorrow Just Hit A Major Milestone For Tom Cruise

On its opening weekend, Edge Of Tomorrow (yes, that's the title we're sticking with) got its ass kicked byThe Fault In Our Stars. Already, everyone was jumping on the train blaming the film's title, marketing campaign, and even Warner Bros itself for the film's apparent failure at the box office this past June. However, in a year of weak numbers all around, perhaps it's time to re-examine Edge Of Tomorrow's box office profile. Especially today, as it has officially crawled past the $100 million mark.

Gitesh Pandya of Box Office Guru called the shot this morning with the following tweet:

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This afternoon, the aforementioned site confirmed what Pandya had claimed but with slightly different numbers. According to Box Office Mojo, Edge Of Tomorrow has accrued $100.12 million in the domestic film market, which is only a hair off from the $100.15 number Gitesh Pandya tweeted. But the message is still the same: Edge Of Tomorrow is officially the first Tom Cruise-led film to break $100 million (outside of the Mission Impossible franchise) in nine years. Before you even jump into the comments section and mention Tropic Thunder, that was not a film marketed with Tom Cruise as the lead, so it doesn't count.

Going by that metric, the last Tom Cruise film to bring in over $100 million at home was the Steven Spielberg deep cut War Of The Worlds, which made $234.3 million back in summer 2005. What could have possibly happened in the summer of 2005 that made Tom Cruise such a bad apple at the box office? Surely the movie wasn't that bad, and there's some sort of "event" that could be to blame for such a nine year nose dive?

Yeah, in case you'd forgotten, 2005 was the year that Tom Cruise went nuts on Oprah, married Katie Holmes, and became such a toxic personality that Paramount dumped him as a partner. Yet here we are, nine years and another divorce later, and Tom Cruise has somehow found his domestic mojo again. Maybe enough time has passed that Cruise's film efforts outside of the top form Mission: Impossible franchise are finally gaining traction with audiences again. Or, maybe, Cruise just decided to pick a film worth throwing his insanely professional energy behind. Either way, Tom Cruise looks like he could be coming back into the limelight very soon, which means that Paramount will have no excuse to continue to deny the world the Les Grossman film it truly deserves.

Edge Of Tomorrow will be on home video October 7th, with Tom Cruise hard at work on Mission: Impossble 5 at the moment – which should be ready for a December 25, 2015 release date. Yep, looks like it's going to be a one, two punch for Cruise.

Mike Reyes
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