Forget Edge Of Tomorrow! This Is What Tom Cruise's Movie Is Now Called

Last week, we covered a story about how Warner Bros seemed to be changing the title to the summer offering formerly known as Edge Of Tomorrow. I must admit, when I covered this story initially, it felt as if Warner Bros was merely emphasizing the tagline over the title, which will still be included at the bottom and the spine of the box art. However, if what we've seen on IMDB today is in fact official, it looks like Live, Die, Repeat isn't just a favored tagline among the WB suits, it looks like it's officially the title now.

If you head on over to IMDB right now, you'll see the following information displayed in what used to be the Edge Of Tomorrow page.

Live Die Repeat Edge of Tomorrow

No, you're not seeing things. The film's official IMDB page has been altered to now reflect the new title. It's not only the page, either, but also the filmographies to all of the actors and filmmakers involved. For instance, take a look at Tom Cruise's official IMDB listing.

Cruise Edge of Tomrrow

Say goodbye to Tom Cruise starring in the summer's most underseen blockbuster, Edge Of Tomorrow; and say hello to Tom Cruise doing his first direct to video blockbuster, Live, Die, Repeat! While it's not that simple of a fix considering the noise that film sites (ourselves included) have made about seeing Edge Of Tomorrow in theaters, those not paying attention may see the movie's box art in stores and have no idea what they're looking at.

The important thing to remember here is that while this is an official IMDB change, it's not an official Warner Bros change. As I mentioned earlier, Edge Of Tomorrow is still being listed on the box - it's just in a more obscure capacity than it's previously been used. Whether this turns out to be official or not, it just further highlights the fact that Warner Bros had a movie that deserved more muscle and more of a fighting chance behind it during its domestic theatrical release. Knowing how often audiences and critics agree, this should have been one of 2014's slam dunks. Instead, it got beaten out at the box office by teenage girls on Facebook, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum fans, and Hot Topic shoppers.

Maybe this new title change/rumor of a title change will draw more fresh eyes to a film that wasn't a victim of subpar production or marketing, but moreso a victim of an ever fracturing audence. Perhaps a release strategy with a VOD component would have benefited fans who wanted to see Edge Of Tomorrow, but didn't want to leave the comfort of their own homes. The next couple of weeks between now and the film's official home video release date should tell us everything we need to know about just how Warner Bros is really treating Edge Of Tomorrow.

Edge Of Tomorrow / Live, Die, Repeat will be released on October 7th.

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