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Emma Stone's Reaction To Her Oscar Nomination Is Filthy And Perfect

Hours after the Oscar nominations are announced, the inboxes of film journalists flood with official statements prepared by PR representatives on behalf of nominees who wish to express their humble gratitude for being recognized. Just about everyone is either "surprised," "shocked," "delighted" or "thrilled." Too few of them drop F-bomb in their statements, however, which makes Emma Stone’s forwarded statement the best we’ve read in years… if not ever.

Emma Stone found her name in the Best Supporting Actress category this year for her work as Michael Keaton’s disgruntled daughter Sam in Alejandro Inarritu’s Best Picture nominee, Birdman. Stone joins Patricia Arquette (for Boyhood), Laura Dern (for Wild), Keira Knightley (for The Imitation Game), and Meryl Streep (for Into the Woods). Amazing company to keep, and Stone expressed that shock and disbelief in this filthy, funny statement (via E!):

Well, this is surreal. I am completely knocked out. Thank you to the Academy for this incredible honor. I am very proud and lucky to be a part of Birdman and can't believe it came to this. I am so fucking excited. Are you allowed to say fuck when you're making a statement for the Oscars? I'm just really fucking excited."

As well she should be! Emma Stone is extremely talented. This is her first Oscar nomination, though you could argue that she was equally deserving of recognition for her work in the comedies Easy A and Crazy, Stupid Love, or her dramatic turn in the awards powerhouse The Help. But it’s Birdman that will go down as the first movie to earn Emma Stone and Oscar nomination. Dig in to this NSFW clip!

Can she win? It’s looking, at the moment, that the category belongs to Patricia Arquette, who helped carry Richard Linklater’s cinematic experiment Boyhood. Some even argued that Arquette’s character is the focal point of the 12-year journey on which Linklater and his cast embarked. Either way, Emma Stone has to be thrilled that her name is mentioned in the same breath as these colleagues. And though she likely won’t go on to take home the Oscar on February 22, she definitely won the completely made up but just as valuable award for Best Oscar Nomination Reaction Statement Handed Out to the Media! I can’t wait to hear her acceptance speech.

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