Emma Stone Teases A Heroic Gwen Stacy In The Amazing Spider-Man 2

It's nothing new to hear a star gush about the script for the movie they're working on, especially hen it's a very big sequel to another very big movie that has already made you very famous. But Emma Stone's generic gushing about what to expect from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 got a little specific when talking to Cineplex Magazine about her voice work in The Croods. Yes, she's excited. Yes, she's glad to be working with Andrew Garfield and the (at the time) newly cast Dane DeHaan. But she drops a very slight hint about what Gwen might actually be up to.

It'll be cool in the next one to see how Gwen and Peter bridge that distance that was between us at the end of it. I think the way it all unfolds is pretty neat. And I hope they continue letting Gwen be heroic, I think they might!"

That's as much as she was willing to tell Cineplex (via Coming Soon), but it's an important hint for those of us who are fans of the spunky Stone, and who are hoping for a little more action on her end in the sequel. In The Amazing Spider-Man she made a great love interest for Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker, and their flirtation scenes sparked with real romance (probably because the two are a real-life item). But when it came time for her to get in on the action, she mostly left all that to her super-powered boyfriend-- a rational decision, sure, but maybe not the most fun for a girl who we know could probably throw a punch or two of her own.

WIth all the latest casting news about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 promising a whole flood of villains, it's hard to know what to expect from anybody as they struggle to fit in with such a giant cast. We've got Chris Cooper as the Green Goblin, Paul Giamatti as the Rhino and Jamie Foxx as Electro-- and that's before we even talk about Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn, with plenty of potential to go bad himself. Will Gwen Stacy fight one or all of those villains? Or is the heroism she's talking about a little smaller? Teasing aside, we're probably gonna have to wait until May 2 of next year to find out-- not to say that we'll stop guessing between now and then .

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend