I've got a big weakness for high-concept comedies, stuff like Freaky Friday and 17 Again and anything in which something talks that shouldn't. Apparently so does Kevin Lima-- the Enchanted director will go from turning a fairy princess into a real person to helping a teenager create a friend out of an instructional cadaver in. Yes, that is a dead body-- but I don't think this is going to be a dark Frankenstein kind of thing. Maybe next time.

Instead Lima will be taking the story by Imagine That director Karey Kirkpatrick and making the romantic comedy Frank for Fox 2000. According to Variety, the main character is a geeky teenage med student who uses her science skills to build her own friend when she can't find one. Not only does this sound like exactly the kind of high concept I love, but it stars a girl doctor! Hopefully they'll snag a great writer to make this project the kind of guilty pleasure I will happily buy on DVD.

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