Epic Batman V Superman Shot Shows The Reason Why Bruce Wayne Hates Superman

The end of Man of Steel was not a good time to be in Metropolis. Buildings had a tendency to come crashing to the ground, and lots of them had people in them. It’s easy to understand why Bruce Wayne would take issue with Superman, what with all the destruction left behind in that battle. However, it’s quite another thing to see it all from his perspective. A new image has been released to continue to build the hype around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and one thing it does is truly change the perspective.

Everything that we’ve seen so far has shown Batman and Superman as larger than life characters. This image, shared on Twitter, shows us the movie from a human perspective. Batman may be a hero capable of going toe to toe with Superman, but Bruce Wayne is really just a man. Here we see him standing among the rubble of Metropolis, a Wayne Financial sign in the background. He looks dour and defeated. Most of all he looks small. Make no mistake, Batman is the underdog in this fight, at least going in. It’s why we see Alfred trying to talk him out of it in the trailers. Ultimately this is likely to end badly for Batman.

While a few of the trailers have shown us the destruction of Metropolis from Bruce Wayne’s perspective, they always do it as part of an action sequence. They’ve also tended to show us the shots from an overhead perspective, meaning than we never really get to see what it all looks like to a normal person. The other interesting thing here is that the image is of a quiet moment, something else we’ve seen very little of in the trailers. We don’t expect the entire movie to be one big fight scene, but you’d be forgiven for thinking that based on the ads. We don’t really know what the characters will be up to in between action sequences but this is something. It’s not clear whether this is an actual shot from the movie or just something used for promotion but it’s nice to see a bit of peace among the chaos that has been the marketing campaign.

If we found ourselves standing where Bruce Wayne is, we’d probably hate Superman quite a lot right now too. The motivation is clear leading into Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, when the movie hits theaters this March. Which side will you be rooting for when these two heroes go head to head?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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